October 2018

Purpose and Destiny, Part 3 (From Abba Series 3: Purpose and Destiny)

Mike McClung revisited the Abba Series this Sunday and retaught a previous message called 'Purpose and Destiny, Part 3).' In this message, Mike discusses the three phases of walking in the calling God...

DATE: 10/28/2018

SERIES: Abba Series 3: Purpose and Destiny
The Full Circle of Christlikeness

Ben Brown shared a message this Sunday called, 'The Full Circle of Christlikeness.' Beginning with Isaiah 53:11, Ben walks through the scriptural definition of 'justification', and the process of the ...

DATE: 10/22/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
Purpose and Destiny, Part 2 (From The Abba Series, Part 3)

Many of us have been given a vision from the Lord, yet because of the warfare against us, and the time that has passed since we first heard from the Father, we have wondered if we really heard anythin...

DATE: 10/14/2018

SERIES: Abba Series 3: Purpose and Destiny
The Father's Blessing (Part 16 of The Abba's Series 2: Abba's Ways)

Mike McClung shares a very special message on The Father's Blessing. In Hebrew/Biblical culture, blessing was a integral part of each son and daughter's life. Each person grew up and thrived because o...

DATE: 10/7/2018

SERIES: Abba Series 2: Abba\'s Ways