November 2019

Vision: Part 4, Clearly Seeing Ourselves

This is Part 4 of Mike McClung's new series, 'Vision.' In this message, 'Clearly Seeing Ourselves,' Mike discusses how until our most personal identity is centered in Christ, we will not operate how w...

DATE: 11/24/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 3, Hearing Correctly

This Sunday, Mike continued the NEW series 'Vision.' This week, Mike talked about how even when we hear the voice of the Lord, we can hear through filters that cause us to interpret His words incorrec...

DATE: 11/17/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 2, Staying Centered

Mike McClung shares Part 2 of the new Vision series called, 'Staying Centered.' Last week, Mike discussed the moment in Matthew 16 where Peter declares that Jesus was 'the Christ, the Son of the Livin...

DATE: 11/10/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 1, Hearing and Seeing

Mike McClung started a new series today called, 'Vision.' With such chaos and noise in our culture, and even in our churches today, it has never been more important to walk with Vision from God. This ...

DATE: 11/3/2019

SERIES: Vision