December 2018

Faith Attracts (Part 2 of Adventures in Faith Series)

Mike McClung continues the discussion of faith in a message called 'Faith Attracts.' Have you ever noticed patterns in your life that seem to confirm your expectations? Similar people are drawn to you...

DATE: 12/30/2018

Faith - Possessing the Unseen

Mike McClung continues our recent discussion of faith with this message, 'Faith - Possessing the Unseen.' This is an update of an older message from the 'Adventures in Faith' series. On our journey of...

DATE: 12/16/2018

Getting Aligned With God for Justice

Mike McClung revisited the 'Entering Our Purpose' Series to update the message, 'Getting Aligned With God for Justice.' It is clear from scripture that God is very interested in bringing justice on be...

DATE: 12/9/2018

Mature Love (Part 12 from Our Central Purpose)

'"Mature Love' is Part 12 of the Our Central Purpose series by Mike McClung. Mike is revisiting and updating this series right now. Maturity in Christ is always an expression of the love of God in and...

DATE: 12/2/2018

SERIES: Our Central Purpose