March 2019

A Prepared Bride (Part 4 of the Who is the Bride Series)

Mike McClung revisits the 'Who is the Bride of Christ' series with this message. In this message, called 'A Prepared Bride', Mike discusses what drew King Ahasuerus to Esther, and what draws the atten...

DATE: 3/31/2019

Establishing a Culture of Kingdom Finance and Prosperity (Restoring the Ruins: Generations, Part 8)

Mike McClung shares this week on the different mentalities toward money: the world's mindset, the Church mindset, and the kingdom mindset. In the first two, the central purpose is to get and hoard, in...

DATE: 3/25/2019

SERIES: Restoring the Ruins: Generations
Basic Bible Doctrine: Part 1, The Bible - The Word of God

Mike McClung begins a new series today called 'Basic Bible Doctrine.' In it, he discusses why we can trust the bible with our eternal salvation and why we refer to it as inerrant and infallible. Ther...

DATE: 3/17/2019

SERIES: Basic Bible Doctrine
The Battle of Submission (No More Defeat, Part 9)

Mike McClung brought a fresh word from the Lord this morning over a very difficult topic: submission. If we are honest, the selfish nature within us all hates the word, yet if we can deny ourselves an...

DATE: 3/10/2019

SERIES: No More Defeat
Practical Steps in Generational Transfer (Part 7 of Restoring the Ruins, Generations)

Mike McClung shares about the desperate need for reformation in the Body of Christ. Specifically, reformation about how we train our children in the ways of God. We have many methods for training the ...

DATE: 3/4/2019

SERIES: Restoring the Ruins: Generations