April 2019

God's Presence Finds Rest

Mike McClung updates a message from the 'Spirit of Truth' series, called, 'God's Presence Finds Rest.' In this message, Mike illustrates from scripture how the Holy Spirit is seeking to rest in each o...

DATE: 4/29/2019

SERIES: The Spirit of Truth
Sharing His Sufferings (Part 8 of the Who is the Bride of Christ Series)

Mike McClung shares on a difficult topic: sharing the sufferings of Christ. Though our salvation was completely secured on the Cross, the Lord is looking for a Bride who will pursue Him regardless of ...

DATE: 4/21/2019

The Last Passover (Part 4 of The Communion Table)

In light of the Passover season we are in, Mike McClung discusses the process of a typical Passover meal and how the Lord Jesus changed it during the Last Supper to reflect the new covenant. We must u...

DATE: 4/15/2019

SERIES: The Communion Table
Wise and Foolish Virgins (The Bride of Christ, Part 9)

The pursuit of our ministry in Christ takes fuel. We must never allow ourselves to believe that our lives can be sustained by the specific giftings, callings, talents that we have been given by God. A...

DATE: 4/8/2019