May 2018

No More Defeat, Part 2

This Sunday, Mike McClung continued the new series “No More Defeat”. In this second part of the message, Mike shares how there are many who pursue spiritual warfare, deliverance or an emph...

DATE: 5/27/2018

SERIES: No More Defeat
No More Defeat, Part 1

This Sunday, Mike McClung started a new series called “No More Defeat”. In this first message, Mike shares on how to get rid of one of the greatest sources of defeat a Christian can ever f...

DATE: 5/20/2018

SERIES: No More Defeat
Bullet Points from the Holy Spirit

David Townsend shared this Sunday a list of points from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is looking for a prepared vessel to fill, which means we must be empty of ourselves, our agendas, our dead works, ou...

DATE: 5/13/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
Dead Men Walking

Dr. Richard H. Mays ministered a message this Sunday called, 'Dead Men Walking.' In it, he explains how if we dedicated ourselves to the Lord as living sacrifices (Rom. 12:1), our lives should be surr...

DATE: 5/6/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages