June 2019

The Song of Solomon, Part 15

This Sunday, Mike McClung returns to his series on the Song of Solomon to update Part 15. This message is a discussion of one of the most intense trials the Bridal Soul experiences. It is a dark night...

DATE: 6/30/2019

SERIES: Song of Solomon
Glory and Government (Part 20 of the Tabernacle of David Foundations Series)

This Sunday, Mike McClung shares on the pursuit of the glory of God, and a missing dimension of much of the thinking in the Body of Christ: the government of God. This is not a reference to praying fo...

DATE: 6/25/2019

SERIES: Tabernacle of David Foundations
Abba: Our Source of Life (From the Abba Series: Foundations)

This week, Mike McClung shares a message from the 'Abba Foundations' series. In this message, called 'Abba, Our Source of Life,' wherein he explains how Abba is always working in us to mold us into th...

DATE: 6/16/2019

SERIES: Abba Series 1: Foundations
Glory is Coming! (Part 19 of the Tabernacle of David Foundations Series)

In this message, Mike McClung discusses the journey that the Ark of the Covenant made from its place in Shiloh in the Tabernacle of Moses to its place in the Tabernacle of David at Mt. Zion. The locat...

DATE: 6/10/2019

SERIES: Tabernacle of David Foundations
Building the Temple of the Lord

This Sunday, Pastor David Townsend shared a message called, 'Building the Temple of the Lord.' In it, David defined come common biblical terms that we use and misuse when describing the work of the Lo...

DATE: 6/2/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages