July 2019

We are Crossing Over

Mike McClung shared a special message this morning about our Sabbath Rest and the history that has brought us here. He shared what the Lord has told him about where Lionheart and the Body of Christ is...

DATE: 7/28/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Song of Solomon, Part 18

Mike McClung continues the progression through the Song of Solomon this Sunday with Part 18. Using the palm tree reference in Chapter 7:6-7, Mike unpacks the Lord's description of the Bridal Soul, now...

DATE: 7/21/2019

SERIES: Song of Solomon
The Song of Solomon, Part 17

Mike McClung continues his series on the Song of Solomon. In this NEW message, Mike walks through Chapter 7, where the Bridegroom describes the affect of the Bridal Soul on those around her, now that ...

DATE: 7/14/2019

SERIES: Song of Solomon
The Song of Solomon, Part 16

In this message, Mike McClung walks through Chapter 6 of the Song of Solomon. As the Bridal soul comes to the place where she loves the Bridegroom for Him and not for anything she can get out of Him, ...

DATE: 7/7/2019

SERIES: Song of Solomon