August 2019

Past the Threshold

David Townsend explains some of the structure and furniture of the Tabernacle of Moses, and explains how it lends itself to the call of the Lord to go deeper in intimacy with Him in a corporate sense....

DATE: 8/25/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
Establishing a Culture of Kingdom Finance and Prosperity

Mike McClung continues to review messages on stewardship with 'Establishing a Culture of Kingdom Finance and Prosperity.' In this message, Mike discusses the difference between the world's view of mon...

DATE: 8/19/2019

First Fruits (Part 3 of the Stewardship Series)

This Sunday, Mike revisits the Stewardship series. This message is called, 'The Principle of First Fruits.' Contrary to popular belief, we are stewards of all that we have (all that the Lord has entru...

DATE: 8/11/2019

SERIES: Stewardship: Financing the Kingdom
Song of Solomon, Part 19

Mike McClung completes the Song of Solomon series with Part 19--which is a walk through Chapter 8 of the book. At this point, the Bridal Soul has seen every veil and ungodly mentality removed between ...

DATE: 8/5/2019

SERIES: Song of Solomon