August 2022

8-28-22 | The Bride's Testimony (David Townsend) | Lionheart Fellowship

The Lord is waiting for a response from His Bride on Earth.

DATE: 8/28/2022

SERIES: Individual Messages
8-21-22 | The Spirit of Infirmity, Part B (Dr. Richard Mays) | Lionheart Fellowship

If we are willing to shut the open doors to the Spirit of Infirmity, who knows how free we can be?

DATE: 8/21/2022

SERIES: Cleansing the Temple - Series 2, Removing the Squatters
8-14-22 | 2022, Supernatural Shift | Lionheart Fellowship

The Lord is moving and we're getting in line with Him.

DATE: 8/14/2022

SERIES: Individual Messages
8-7-22 | The Spirit of Perversion (Ben Brown) | Lionheart Fellowship

The first perversion is the twisting of the truth...

DATE: 8/7/2022

SERIES: Individual Messages