September 2018

Breaking the Power of Shame - Deliverance and Healing, Part 13

The first expression of sin in humans was fear and shame. Though the work of Christ on the Cross was eternal and complete, freedom from shame is not often discussed in churches. Yet the signs and expr...

DATE: 9/30/2018

SERIES: Deliverance and Healing
Identity and Destiny - From the Series Restoring the Ruins: Generations

Mike McClung shares a message on 'Identity and Destiny', an in depth look at how the blessings and curses that come on us from authority figures and others can so easily shape our identity. This then ...

DATE: 9/25/2018

Who is the Bride of Christ? Part 2 - Captivated by Love

Mike McClung continues to revisit messages on recapturing and building up our intimacy with God. This Sunday, he returned to the Bride of Christ series to update the message, 'Captivated By Love'. So ...

DATE: 9/10/2018

The Mystery of Christ's Headship in Our Times

David Townsend shares on the Leadership of Christ. Understanding our Lord as our Head is essential to growing into the Bride of Christ in the End-Times. We need to see our Lord as consistent in His le...

DATE: 9/2/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages