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Prepare for Power - The Restoration Series, Part 3

What is the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

DATE: 5/16/2021

SERIES: Restoration Series
The Process of Union - Maturity in Christ

The unity that we have tried hasn't worked...

DATE: 5/31/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Leaving the TO - Transition Complete

Mike McClung discusses the Father's ways in transition, and what He does to prepare us for the new season.

DATE: 12/29/2019

SERIES: Times of Transition
Vision: Part 7, A False Image of God

Mike McClung continues his Vision Series with Part 7, A False View of God. Most Christians know the commandment, 'Have no other god but Me,' yet most in the Body of Christ have added or taken away fro...

DATE: 12/15/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 6, Zion vs Babylon (Part 2)

Mike McClung continues the Vision series with Part 6, a continuation of last week's 'Zion vs. Babylon' message. Though many can understand the growing battle between Zion and Babylon when obvious good...

DATE: 12/8/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 3, Hearing Correctly

This Sunday, Mike continued the NEW series 'Vision.' This week, Mike talked about how even when we hear the voice of the Lord, we can hear through filters that cause us to interpret His words incorrec...

DATE: 11/17/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 2, Staying Centered

Mike McClung shares Part 2 of the new Vision series called, 'Staying Centered.' Last week, Mike discussed the moment in Matthew 16 where Peter declares that Jesus was 'the Christ, the Son of the Livin...

DATE: 11/10/2019

SERIES: Vision
Vision: Part 1, Hearing and Seeing

Mike McClung started a new series today called, 'Vision.' With such chaos and noise in our culture, and even in our churches today, it has never been more important to walk with Vision from God. This ...

DATE: 11/3/2019

SERIES: Vision
The Necessity of Community (Entering Our Purpose, Part 7)

This Sunday, Mike shared a message about 'The Necessity of Community.' It was a wake up call to the mindset of the Body of Christ and the larger developed world. For multiple generations, we have been...

DATE: 5/20/2019

SERIES: Entering Our Purpose
Getting Aligned With God's Justice (Part 7 of the Entering Our Purpose Series)

This Sunday, Mike McClung shares a message called 'Getting Aligned With God's Purpose.' The Lord is looking to share His kingdom with His people, but first there must be 'trials' in order to train His...

DATE: 5/13/2019

The Battle of Submission (No More Defeat, Part 9)

Mike McClung brought a fresh word from the Lord this morning over a very difficult topic: submission. If we are honest, the selfish nature within us all hates the word, yet if we can deny ourselves an...

DATE: 3/10/2019

SERIES: No More Defeat
Faith and Identity (Part 8 of Adventures in Faith Series)

Mike McClung completed the Adventures in Faith series this Sunday with Part 8 - Faith and Identity. Though Jesus Christ was the crucified, suffering servant of Isaiah 53, He fulfilled that prophecy an...

DATE: 1/27/2019

SERIES: Adventures in Faith
Moving in Faith With the Spirit (Part 7 of Adventures in Faith Series)

Mike McClung shared Part 7 of the Adventures in Faith series today, entitled 'Moving in Faith With the Spirit.' In this message, Mike discusses how cherishing, guarding and developing our relationship...

DATE: 1/20/2019

SERIES: Adventures in Faith
Faith Releases Power (Part 6 of Adventures in Faith Series)

Mike McClung shares from John 15:1-8 this Sunday. Many in the Body of Christ emphasize either character OR power, but in the life of Jesus, and in His clear teaching, we see that we are called to have...

DATE: 1/13/2019

SERIES: Adventures in Faith
Faith Does What It Says (Part 5 of Adventures in Faith Series)

As a continuing part of the 'Adventures in Faith' Series, Mike McClung shares a message called 'Faith Does What It Says.' According to Acts 1:1, Acts 2 and the multitude of examples throughout the gos...

DATE: 1/6/2019

Faith Attracts (Part 2 of Adventures in Faith Series)

Mike McClung continues the discussion of faith in a message called 'Faith Attracts.' Have you ever noticed patterns in your life that seem to confirm your expectations? Similar people are drawn to you...

DATE: 12/30/2018

No More Defeat, Part 8

This Sunday, Mike McClung shared the final part of his 'No More Defeat' series, with Part 8. In it, he connected the pride of our sin-nature to the power of lies and deception in our lives. If we desi...

DATE: 7/15/2018

SERIES: No More Defeat
No More Defeat, Part 7

This Sunday, Mike McClung continued his series 'No More Defeat' and he talked specifically about how we observe the world around us. If we are on the throne, then we are right to judge everything we p...

DATE: 7/8/2018

SERIES: No More Defeat
No More Defeat, Part 6

Mike McClung shared Part 6 of his 'No More Defeat' series this Sunday. In it, Mike discusses how we must give the Lord full surrender 'in' our circumstances, and ask for no 'terms'. If we are barterin...

DATE: 6/24/2018

SERIES: No More Defeat