7-3-22 | Cleansing the Temple: Removing the Squatters, Part 8, The Deaf and Dumb Spirit | Lionheart Fellowship

Cleansing the Temple - Removing the Squatters: Part 3, The Spirit of Divination

6-19-22 | Closing Open Doors: Part 6, Curses - Part 2

5-29-22 | Prayer Warriors - Part 3 | Lionheart Fellowship

There are “heart conditions” that must be attained before the Lord releases revival and restoration.

DATE: 5/29/2022

SPEAKER: Mike McClung SERIES: Prayer Warriors
4-3-22 | Foundations of Praise and Worship | Lionheart Fellowship

The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is the restoration of Davidic Worship.

DATE: 4/3/2022

SPEAKER: Mike McClung SERIES: Tabernacle of David - Worship and Warfare